How to upload Driving results via FEI Forms

The aim of FEI Forms is to be able to upload all Driving Event Results directly on to the FEI Database simplifying the process for all; this platform can be used in all situations, with or without an internet connection.

All results will need a corresponding accepted entry in the FEI Entry System in order to be valid.
An internet connection is necessary to download the results form and to submit the results form.


Logging In
Go to:
Enter your user name and password
o All National Federation Result Admin will have access
o All Organising Committees will have access
In the top right corner of your screen it will have your name, followed by your FEI ID number, and the word ‘Online’.



You can log in to “” even without an internet connection, it will then say ‘Offline’ in the top right hand corner of your screen.
Please Note: you cannot download any result forms when ‘Offline’ you can only work on forms that you have already downloaded when ‘Online’.

If you have not got the necessary access, or have problems logging into FEI Forms, please contact:


Downloading a Result Form
Once logged in and ‘Online’ you can download the relevant results form(s).
Under the “Driving Results” section please select Load a Form.



This will open the “Download a Form” page.
Find your relevant event and click on Download
o Please Note: if you are not able to find the event you are looking for, please contact the FEI:



This will download the relevant results form to your FEI Forms account and you will arrive on your “Driving Results” homepage.
It will be marked under ‘Form status’ that your results form is loaded on your computer.

You can then repeat the process for all the Events you need results forms for, by re-clicking on Load a Form.
Please Note: The download option will only be available once the Last Date of Substitution has passed, (1 hour before first horse inspection) meaning that all Entries are up to date and correct.
Your page will then show all the events you have downloaded the results forms for.

IMPORTANT: Once you have clicked on download, these results forms are automatically saved on your FEI Forms profile. This means you can go ‘Offline’ and still be able to fill out your results; e.g. if you have not got an internet connection at the event venue.


Opening the Results Form
This can be done ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’.
Choose your relevant event and click on Open Form from the Action drop down list.

If you have perhaps downloaded the incorrect form, you can delete it from your list.
The Driving Results Form will open.



Attribution of Horses and Athletes
If multiple horses per athlete were entered, the correct horse needs to be selected for the specific competition.
The correct number of horses need to be selected for the relevant competition code.


You will now be able to edit the results for each combination.


Filling in the Results Form
A score needs to be given for each field and the results form will automatically calculate the total score and the position of the combination.



By selecting Recalculate at the bottom of the Form, the combinations will be put in position order.
Status: If the combination did not finish the competition for a certain reason, this needs to be selected in the drop down status bar.