How to navigate on the new version of the FEI Entry System for events with Invitations

You are the Organising Committee of a FEI Jumping event?

You need to accept the entries and manage your event?

You need to view the pending invitations for your event? Or invite Athletes to your event?

You need to download useful lists of information?


All entries for FEI Jumping events in weeks 49-51 will be using the new version of the FEI Entry System.

You can access the FEI Entry System at and search for your event, or directly on


Events during week 49 will be using the FEI Online Invitation System and accepted invitations are automatically transferred to the FEI Entry System


Please view this video which will give you an overview of this new platform:

(to view this video in full screen, please click on the YouTube logo)

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2018-10-24 13:52
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