Where can I find / edit the photo?

Your athlete is going to take part to a major event (games, championships, world cup, ...)

The Entry System doesn't let you validate your entry and you have the message "missing portrait"


You have received an email from the FEI which ask you to send a photo for your athlete?


Go to: http://www.fei.org/bios and in the top right hand corner of the page there is a Sign in button.


Here you will need to sign in with your FEI ID number and password.

National Federations, you will have to have the specific access as mentioned in your email.

Once signed in you will arrive on the FEI Biographies Home Page.

The FEI Biographies home page is the search engine for all athletes. There are two tabs to search under, By Athlete (default page) and By Country.

Under the By Athlete tab you can search by Athlete Name or FEI ID and you can filter by Discipline and Country.


By clicking on the name of the athlete their biography page will open.

You can return to the full search page at any time by clicking on the Home button.

 By default you will return to the By Athlete search page.


Once logged in and on an athlete’s biography page the Edit button will appear.

You can  change or upload the profile photo of the athlete by clicking on the photo box and browsing and uploading a photo from your computer.

Finalising and Saving the Page

Once you have edited your biography page and would like to stop editing and save your changes you need to click on Stop Editing.


 N.B. Please allow some time before you see the modification on your profile.

You would like to fill in the athlete's biography? go to XXXX

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