What are the requirements for the Athlete portrait picture for TV broadcast ?


Picture Format



Minimum size: Width: 1000px; Height: 1000px.

Please provide us with portrait pictures, not landscape pictures.
For your information, the pictures used for TV broadcast will be in a square format.
Please ensure the pictures you provide will allow us to meet the requirements described



Minimum: 150 dpi



The pictures should be on a neutral background (flat color).



Athletes have to be pictured without a helmet, cap, or any other hat and without sunglasses.
Pictures should show the face and shoulders.


JPEG and PNG pictures are the only formats accepted.


All the pictures provided have to be royalty free.

File naming convention:

You can upload your files with any name; Hippobase will rename them.


Pictures with brand visibility, bad contrast, red eyes etc. won't be accepted.

Please find below an example of how the pictures will be used, which pictures will provide agood result on TV and some bad examples of pictures not suitable for this purpose.
Please note this is for information only, in order to give you a better understanding of the final use of the pictures.