Where can I find Athletes biogaphies?

You want to know more about Athletes from your National Federation and others?


go to http://www.fei.org/bios


The FEI Biographies home page is the search engine for all athletes. There are two tabs to search under, By Athlete (default page) and By Country.

Under the By Athlete tab you can search by Athlete Name or FEI ID and you can filter by Discipline and Country.


Under the By Country tab you can search by name of athlete and you can also see the number of athletes per country per discipline.



By clicking on one of the numbers, the corresponding list of athletes will open. Here you can narrow your search by name or FEI ID.



By clicking on the name of the athlete their biography page will open.


You can return to the full search page at any time by clicking on the Home button.


By default you will return to the By Athlete search page.

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