How to valid a suggestion / correction made on your athlete / horse

You have received an email to inform you that a suggestion has been made by someone in the equestrian community?

You want to know where you will find the suggestions and how to accept them?


The suggestion platform has been put in place to facilitate the correction of mistakes or omissions existing in the content of our database.


The platform allows authenticated people from our equestrian community to suggest corrections, modifications or additional data via the FEI Suggestion platform, in order to improve the quality of data present on the FEI Database in relation to your athletes and horses.

When a suggestion is made, the corresponding National Federation will receive an email to notify them that a suggestion has been made to modify or correct some information.

It is the responsibility of the National Federation to verify the proposed information and to accept or reject the suggestion.

Certain suggestions will need a second approval from the FEI.

Go to

When logged in to the FEI Database with NF Horse Admin or NF Person Admin access you will find Suggestions under the Horse and Person tabs.


This will take you to the Suggestion Platform Dashboard.


You can also access the Suggestions platform via the link you receive in the notification email.
The subject of these new notification emails is: [FEI Suggestion platform] New suggestions


Here you need to follow the link to validate or reject the suggestion.

The link will take you to the Suggestion platform Dashboard.


Suggestion Platform Dashboard

Your Dashboard will display all suggestions for Athletes and Horses administered by your National Federation.

You can filter by All, Athletes or Horses.



Each action shows the FEI ID number, the name of the Athlete or Horse, the relevant NF that needs to validate the suggestion as well as the date and author of the suggestion.



Status of Validation process

Each suggestion contains a Status column showing who needs to validate the suggestion and the status of this process.



The code on the Dashboard explains the different status’ available.



The Action column is linked to the Status column and clearly states what your National Federation needs to validate.



Validating Suggestions

By selecting the Validate button in the Action column the suggestion will open.



The Pending validation only view shows you the information for this athlete that is needing validation.

You can Display all elements which will show all modifiable fields for this athlete.

Here we can see that the Current Family name is shaded in pink and the suggestion is shaded in blue.

To validate or reject this change the NF needs to click on the green tick or the red cross.


There may be several suggestions per page, an action has to be taken for each suggestion.

There is a comment box if necessary.

There is an Instructions tab in the top right of the screen that explains the process of validating suggestions.



Submitting the validated Suggestions

Each validated suggestion needs to be submitted so that it appears on the FEI Database.

Once submitted you will receive a message to show that you have been successful.


Here you can access the profile page of the Athlete or Horse or return to the Dashboard.



Additional FEI Validation

If additional FEI Validation is necessary your successful submission message will show this.



On your Dashboard homepage you will see that suggestion line still appears and that the NF validation is now in green and that you can consult the suggestion.



You will receive an email to inform you when the FEI have validated the suggestion.



New Stickers

Certain changes in information require new stickers for FEI documents.

Once you have validated the suggestion and the FEI has approved the suggestion if necessary, you can access the horse’s FEI ID page on the FEI Database and go to the Download the printable stickers.



Owner change stickers will be available on the FEI Database when you have validated the owner change suggestion.

Name change stickers will be available once the FEI have validated the suggestion.






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