How to add horses or horse slots

When you accept invitations, you have three possibilities : 

- add a specific horse name (or names of relevant) if you already know the horses with which the athlete will compete.

- add slots for horses in order to reserve places in the event, without entering specific names

- don't add any information regarding horses in the FEI Online Invitation System and enter the horse information in the FEI Entry System at a later stage


Step 1: To add specific horse name when accepting an invitation, please first start by locating the right week and Athlete on the Invitations Dashboard and click on the green validation symbol:


Step 2: A pop-up will apear where you can search for horses.

You can do the search by horse name : 


You can also type in the FEI ID of the horse if you know it : 


Step 3: Once you find the horse (horses) you require, click Add horse and Accept Invitation:


Step 4: If you do not know the horse but wish to reserve a slot, click on Add horse slot.

You can add as many slots as you require, up until the maximum number per Athlete as indicated in the pop-up.


You can then click on Accept invitation.


The invitation will appear as accepted in the relevant Dashboard. 




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