How to create my FEI account on the FEI SportApp or FEI HorseApp

You have never used your FEI ID number to log in to a FEI mobileApp or a FEI platform before?

You have never created a password for your FEI ID number?


To log in, you must first activate and create your account, this can be done easily via the FEI SportApp or FEI HorseApp.

If you have not downloaded the FEI mobile Apps please click here:

"How to download and use the FEI SportApp" or "How to download and use the FEI HorseApp"


Step 1: You are trying to log in on the ME section, but have not created your FEI account yet.

You must click on Create my FEI account or Don't have an account? Create one.



Step 2: You must select the group of people in which you belong and in which you are registered with the FEI.

If you belong to multiple groups, please choose the "main" one to which you are associated in regards to the FEI.


 You must then click on Next in the top right corner.


Step 3: You must then fill in your personal details so that we can match you to a person on the FEI Database.

The more information you provide us with, the easier it will be to find your profile and activate your account accordingly.