How to upload Dressage and Para Dressage results using FEI Forms

It is possible to upload Dressage and Para Dressage results by manually entering the data in an online results form.

All results will need a corresponding accepted entry in the FEI Entry System, the form requires all marks movement by movement to be entered as well as the Judges.


We strongly advise to use one computer to enter all results for one event. To avoid data loss or other users over-writing any data, please use the same computer to fill in the entire results form for one event.


Below are detailed guidelines on how to use FEI Forms to submit your Dressage and Para Dressage results, or you can navigate to the section you require by clicking the link below:

Logging In

Downloading a Results Form

Opening the Results Form

Filling in the Results Form

Submitting Results

Handy Tips


Logging In

Step 1: Go to: and log in with your FEI ID number and password

All National Federation Result Admin will have access

All Organising Committees will have access

 In the top right corner of your screen it will have your name, followed by your FEI ID number, and the word Online.


 If you have forgotten your password please click on “I have forgotten my password” and follow the necessary steps.

 If you do not have a FEI ID number or active account, please contact:


Downloading a Results Form

 Step 1: Please scroll down to the Dressage Results section and click on Load a form.

Step 2: You will see all Dressage and Para Dressage Result Forms, please click on Download for the events you need to upload results to. You will need to repeat this process to download all results forms you require for your show.

Step 3: You will then see all your results forms in your Dressage Results form list with the Form status: Loaded.


Opening the Results Form

 Step 1: When you are ready to open your results form, you must click on Action and Open Form

The form will open and display information about the Event as well as the competitions for this event.

Once all information has been filled in, the Status of each competition will be marked as completed and you will be able to submit the results to the FEI.

Step 2: To start filling in the competition results, you must click on Enter Competition

You will arrive on the Competition page where you will see a box to enter the Judges as well as the combinations that were entered to compete in this competition.


Filling in the Results Form

To be able to enter the results per combination, the Judges information must first be entered.

Step 1: Click on Enter Judges

 Step 2: You must enter the position of the Judges by choosing from the drop down list available

Step 3: You must enter the name of the Judges in the corresponding position.

You can start typing the name of the Judge and a drop down list of options will appear, you must type at least 3 characters before the list will appear.

Step 4: Repeat this for all Judges in this competition, leave the remaining fields empty where no Judges were present.

Then click on Save.

Step 5: You are now be able to click on Enter Results next to the combinations present in this competition.

Step 6: You must choose the Status of the combination from the drop down list in the Athlete Information box, as well as fill in the Prize Money won, if any.


  • Ranked
  • Retired
  • Withdrawn
  • Eliminated
  • Not Participated (this is to be used when this combination did not present to compete in this competition)
  • Disqualified

Step 7: You must then fill in the individual marks, per Judge and per movement.

You can type the number in and press TAB on your keyboard to move to the next cell.

The form automatically saves as you go along, but you can click on Save at the bottom of the page at any time when you are filling in the form.

Step 8: Once you have completed the Individual Marks sheet, you click on Validate in the bottom right hand corner.

If there is any information missing or an error, the system will notify you by placing a red square around the field in question and you will be able to make the necessary correction on the Individual Marks sheet.

The form will inform you that the Validation was successful and give you the opportunity to move on to the Next Combination.

Step 9: You repeat step 7 and step 8 for each combination present in the competition, making sure that all the results and information is correctly entered.

Once all results have been entered for one competition, the form will prompt you to move on to the next competition.

Once results have been entered for all combinations in all the competitions for one event, the event results are ready to submit to the FEI.


Handy Tips:

1) Navigation

You can navigate back to the list of combinations in a specific competition at any time by clicking on Competition Results in the top left corner.

Here you can see the overview of the results for this competition.

You can navigate back to the list of competitions in an event by clicking on Event Detail in the top left corner.

It is from this page that you can open the different competitions and submit the results for this event.



2) Add new entry

If a combination participated in this competition but was not entered via the FEI Entry System and does not appear in the list of individual results, you can add their entry to the results form by clicking on Add new entry.

You can type the name or the FEI ID of both the Athlete and Horse and a drop down list will appear, you can then Add the entry to your Individual Results list.


3) Save and Validate

You can use the buttons at the bottom of the page at any time during your results submission.

The Validate button will inform you if there are errors or information missing that will not allow you to advance or submit your results.


Submitting Results

Once the results have been entered for all the competitions of one event, you are ready to submit the results.

Step 1: Go to the Event Detail page, you will see the relevant competitions with the prize money distributed.

Step 2: Clicking on Validate will verify that everything is in order for the competitions of this event, an error will displayed if something is missing.