How to substitute a Horse on the new version of the FEI Entry System

An Athlete has turned up to your Event with a different Horse?


Certain National Federations allow Organising Committees to make last minute Horse changes on their behalf. As Organising Committee you can substitute the Horse directly on the FEI Entry System.


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Entry System and find the combination for which you need to substitute the Horse.


Step 2: Click on Horse on the right hand side of the entry and open the drop down menu and choose Substitute. This will open a pop-up.


Step 3: Search for the new Horse that you wish to enter either by name or FEI ID number.

The pop-up window will display what the situation will look like after the substitution. Then click Substitute Horse.


Step 4: The substitution is visible in your list of entries with the new Horse written in bold and accepted, with the substituted crossed out in grey. 


2020-01-05 15:50
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