How to add a National Official on the FEI Online Schedule platform

The Organising Committee has asked you to add a National Official for one of the Official functions on an upcoming schedule?


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: On your Dashboard click on Details to open the schedule of the Event.


Step 3: Select the Officials section on the left hand side. Click on Add an official on the right hand side and select the function you would like to add.


Step 4: When you click on the function you would like to add, a pop-up window will open. Try to search for the Official in the dropdown list by using the FEI ID number or name of the person. If you cannot find the person and it is a National Official, you will have to create the person as a National Official by clicking on Add a person not in this list.


Step 5: Complete the required information and click on Add this official.


Step 6: The system will inform you if the person you are trying to add matches an already registered person. If you are sure that it is not the same person, click on Create new person and then click on Next.

If the person already exists in the system, select the person and click on Add selected person and then Next.


Step 7: Once the person is created, select the Events to which he/she should be assigned and click on Save. You can select multiple Events.


Step 8: The National Official has been added and assigned to his/her relevant function. The Organising Committee will see this modification in the comment section on the right hand side.


Please note: Only National Federations can create National Officials as you must attest to their qualification/ability for the given function. Please enter accurate function start dates and contact information.


2021-03-29 08:10
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