How to obtain an FEI ID number, FEI Passport or FEI Recognition card

Your horse will compete at an International Event for the first time?


As you may already know, your horse must have an FEI ID number, and must be registered each year at the FEI.



As Athlete, you don't have the possibility to create an horse profile, FEI ID number and/or make a Passport / Recognition Card by yourself.

Please note that the FEI is also not able to create an horse profile, FEI ID number, Passport or Recognition Card on your behalf.


Only your National Federation can provide you with a FEI ID number, a FEI Passport or a FEI Recognition Card.


You will find the list of National Federations in the FEI Database.



Click on "go to National Federation page"

You will find all the contact details of the National Federation.



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