How to set up 'Connected Events' for FEI Jumping Shows

You need to submit your Show Schedule for approval and want to connect certain Events together?

You are not sure how it works?


The concept of Connected Events allows Organising Committees to indicate in which Events Athletes can enter when there are multiple Events at the same Show. Athletes or National Federations can choose to enter multiple Events at the same time, either within the FEI Invitation System or for standard entry procedure Events.


  • You can choose to connect one or more Events to your FEI Invitation System Event.
  • You should always connect an Event of a lower level to an Event of a higher level, for example a CSI3* can be connected to a CSI4*, but a CSI4* cannot be connected to a CSI3*.


  • When other Events are connected to FEI Invitation System Events, an Athlete can add a FEI Invitation System Event to his/her wish list as well as opt to participate in one or more connected Event(s).

  • If an Athlete receives a place in an FEI Invitation System Event, he/she will be accepted in the Event. He/she will also be automatically entered in the connected Event(s) that he/she chose.


  • Entries in connected FEI Invitation System Events following the allocation of invitations are automatically accepted, if the Invitation System quota is not full.
  • If the Invitation System quota is full, the entry will be made in the OC quota and will have to be accepted by the OC before the Athlete can participate in the connected Event.


  • Entries in connected non-IS Events are not automatically accepted and must be accepted by the OC before the Athlete can participate.


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