How to activate a NF Member's account on the FEI Database

You have created a profile for a new NF Member? You need to activate their account?

They need to have a login to be able to access the FEI IT platforms?


Step 1: Go to the Person's profile on the FEI Database ( and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Under the Login section you will see the Status of the account is listed as 'No Account".

Click on Send account creation email.

Please note: This button is only available for NF Members with NF USER ADMIN access on their account.


Step 2: A screen will appear displaying the email that will be sent to your NF Member to activate their account.

You can add some extra text in the bottom section then click on Send email

Please note: do not click on the link in the email, this is for the NF Member who is receiving the email.


Step 3: Once the email has been sent, the Status of their account will be listed as "Pending" until they have created a password for their account.


Click here to see How to grant access to NF Members on the FEI Database



2020-11-18 12:03
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