How to provide the FEI with scans of my horse's document using the FEI HorseApp

When a horse is registered for the first time with the FEI, certain pages of the horse' identification document need to be provided to the FEI.

When new FEI Passports or FEI Recognition Cards are issued, the FEI Database requires scans of all the necessary pages.

When changes are made to existing documents, the necessary pages also need to be uploaded to the FEI Database.


Please click here for further information on the pages that need to be uploaded.


To upload photos of Horse documents to the FEI Database with your smarphone or tablet, you need to download the FEI HorseApp, available on both iOS and Android Devices.



You must log in with your FEI ID number and password, if you have not created a FEI account yet, then please see "How to create my FEI account on the FEI SportApp or FEI HorseApp"


Below is a video tutorial on how to use the FEI HorseApp.






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