How to add a NF Function to a NF Member's profile

Your NF Member does not have a NF Function on their profile?

They are on the FEI Database with access to the FEI IT platforms but don't appear on your NF page?


Each active NF Member must have a NF Function on their profile, with a Start Date and function/role.


Step 1: On the Person profile, scroll down to the NF Member section and click on New Function:


Step 2: Enter the relevant details, such as the Person's function and Start date, then click on Ok:

The function will appear on the Person's profile on the FEI Database:


Step 3: Make sure your NF Member has the relevant access on their account, click here to see How to grant access to Nf Members on the FEI Database.

2020-11-18 12:06
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