How to consult and download invoicing details on the FEI Database

You have received an invoice for your Athlete & Horse Registrations?

You wish to consult the details of the passport invoices?


As of April 2023 the monthly invoices will be sent to the National Federations without including the detailed PDF documents.

The lists and details will now be available for you to consult online in the Invoices Management section of the FEI Database.


To consult the Invoices Management page you must have the necessary access (NF Invoice Admin) on your account.

This can be granted by the NF User Admin of your National Federation, otherwise please contact if you require access.


Step 1: You must go to and log in with your FEI ID number and password.


Step 2: Click on Horses and select Invoices Management to open the search page for Invoices.

Please note: The Invoices Mangement page can be found in/accessed through both the Horses menu and the Persons menu.


Step 3: Please select the month for which you have received an invoice and click on SEARCH. This will display all invoices for this month.

Please leave the Administering NF blank to make sure you see all invoices that have been invoiced to your National Federation (Athletes/Horses might have changed Adminstering NF in the meantime).


Step 4: You can search for different types of invoices by using the Category field.

You can refine your search further by selecting one particular discipline. All the invoices of a particular Horse can also be consulted by filling in the FEI ID field.


Step 5: To download the Excel list of your search results, you must click on Download as CSV at the bottom of the page:

This will open an Excel file with Invoice details for the category selected or all details. You can then manage the Excel file as required by filtering and sorting the invoices accordingly.



If you require any assistance with the Invoices Management section of the FEI Database, please contact:





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