How to deactivate a NF Member profile when they are no longer working for your National Federation

There is a NF Member who is no longer working for your National Federation?

There is a NF Member who no longer requires access to the FEI IT platforms?


When a NF Member no longer requires access or no longer works for your National Federation there are three main things that need to be done:

  1. Remove their access from their FEI account so they can no longer perform actions on the FEI IT platforms
  2. Add an End date to their NF Function on their profile
  3. Change their email address to a non-NF email address on their account

Please note: only NF USER ADMIN can deactivate NF Member profiles


Step 1: Go to the FEI Database ( and login with your FEI ID number and password


Find the Person in question using the Person - Search function.


Step 2: On their profile, scroll down to the bottom and untick all tick boxes that they no longer require.

If they no longer work for your Federation, please make sure all tick boxes are unticked.

Please note: to untick NF User Admin and NF WebServices please contact the FEI:


Step 3: Go to the NF Member section to add an End date to their NF Function

Click on the name of the Function to open the pop-up window:

Enter the relevant End date and click on OK


Step 4: Make sure the email address of the NF Member is changed to non-NF email address. Go to the bottom of their profile page and enter a new/other email address in the New email address field then click on Change email address.

They will receive an email on their new address to confirm the change of email address.


If you need any assistance in deactivating NF Members or if you wish that the FEI verifies that everything is correct and up to date for your NF Members, please don't hesitate to contact:







2020-11-20 11:28
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