How to add/change an Endurance Trainer for a Horse on the FEI Database

You need to register a Horse for Endurance? You therefore need to add a registered Trainer?

You need to update or change the Trainer of a Horse on the FEI Database?


Step 1: Go to and find the Horse to which you need to add a Trainer.


Step 2: Scroll down to the Trainer section and click on New Trainer:


Step 3: Search for the Person you wish to add as a Trainer, by name or FEI ID number and choose the Person from the dropdown menu:

Please note: if the Person does not appear, they are perhaps not marked as a Trainer on their profile.

You can untick the 'is a Trainer' filter or go to ther Person's profile on the FEI Database to check.


Step 4: Enter the dates for which this Person is the Trainer of the Horse.

If the Trainer is not registered for the year in question, you can click on Register Trainer before clicking on OK:


Step 5: The Trainer is then listed on the Horse' profile with the corresponding dates, you will be able to register the Horse accordingly and enter it into upcoming Events:


Step 6: If you need to add a New Trainer for a later date or change the existing Trainer, the above procedure applies.

You use the New Trainer function and the FEI Database will assist in generating the applicable dates.



2020-06-18 15:59
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