How to send an OC invitation to an Athlete for my Event on the FEI Entry System

You are an Organising Committee member and have access to the FEI Entry System for your Event?

You wish to invite an Athlete to your Event who wasn't invited by the FEI Invitation System? You wish to invite an Athlete to your Event in your OC quota?


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Entry System ( or ( with your FEI credentials.

You can search for your Show in the Event Search section, or from your Dashboard you can select your Event from the tabs listed across the top.


Once on your main Dashboard, you can see the section OC Invitations dashboard where you will be able to send invitations to Athletes for your Event and follow the status of these invitations.


Step 2: You must click on the button which corresponds to the Event in which you wish to invite an Athlete.

Step 3: A search field will appear and you can search for the Athlete you wish to invite by entering the name or the FEI ID. Once found, you would click on Select.


Step 4: You are able to invite the Athlete with a chosen number of Horses (up to the max. number of Horses approved in the Schedule). You click on Send invitation to invite and notify the Athlete.

Please note: The FEI Entry System will inform you about the registration status of the Athlete and other information that might be important.


You can cancel an invitation any time up until the start date of your Event.
Click here to see How to cancel a pending OC invitation for my Event on the FEI Entry System.


Step 6: You can see the different status of your OC invitations in the OC Invitations dashboard and you can filter the view accordingly:


Important information:

  • The Athlete has the option to accept or decline an OC invitation. The NF of the Athlete has to confirm the choice of their Athlete (or accept/decline the invitation on behalf of their Athlete) to fully validate the OC invitation.
  • Both Athlete and NF have until the start date of the Event to accept the OC invitation. If they do not accept it on time, the invitation will be lost. 
  • Whilst the OC invitation is pending acceptation, the space in your quota is blocked
  • If the invitation is declined, the space in your quota is automatically made available to invite or accept somebody else.
  • National Federations can continue making entries as normal in the FEI Entry System which you can accept or decline in your OC quota.






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