How to accept/reject entries, additions and substitutions in the FEI Entry System

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when you are on your event, you will have a view on all entries.

In the tab "entries" you have all entries which have been made by the NFs.

You can make 2 actions:



If you accept, be aware that you won't be able to reject the Entry later. That means that the athlete/horse are accepted to compete at your event.

You can accept the entire entry by clicking in the athlete name, or, if he has more than one horse entered, accepted 2/3 horses. etc...


The entry becomes green.





You can reject the entire entry (athlete + horse (s) ) or if he has more than one horse entered, rejected 1/2 horses. etc...


If you reject one entry, a comment, which will be sent to the NF, is mandatory.

You can select in the drop down list or write a comment.



When you have rejected the entry / horse, the entry becomes grey, and the comment is visible



Dont forget to have a look at the "pending additions" and "pending substitutions" tab, as you will also have to accept/reject the late entries/changes.



Cancel rejection

You have the possibility to "cancel the rejection" for different reasons; you finally got the availability for more athletes / horses, you need to release the rejected horse has the NF wants to enter him with another athlete, etc...

Just click on "cancel rejection"




Master List

In the tab "Master List" you will find the list of athletes/horses you have accepted.

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