How to download a list of entries from the FEI Entry System

You need to download a list of entries for your event?

You need to provide a list of entries for the Officials?


Step 1: Login to the FEI Entry System with your FEI credentials: and search for your event.


Step 2: You can download the entries by clicking on Download Entries which you will find underneath the list of entries.



Step 3: You will have several options regarding the list of entries you wish to download.

  • You can download the full list of entries
  • You can download only the accepted entries

You can choose what type of file format you wish to download, CSV, XML or PDF as well as the field delimiter.


Step 4: You can also print a Master List which has the list of Athletes and Horses listed along side each Country flag.

This list is only available once the definite entries date as passed. You can download this list by clicking on Print Master List.


 The Master List is only available in PDF version.


2019-02-05 09:10
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