How to navigate on the FEI Online Schedule Platform

You are the National Federation of an FEI Event? You have been notified that a schedule for one of your FEI Events has been submitted to you by your Organising Committee?  


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: You will land on your Dashboard and see the schedules for the Events in your Country.

Click on Details to open the schedule that has been submitted to you.

Status: This shows who the schedule is currently with and who can edit the schedule; OC, NF or FEI.

The version is at 0.1 as it has been submitted to you by the Organising Committee for the first time, the version numbers will change as the schedule goes back and forwards between you and the OC. Once the schedule is published for the first time it will become 'version 1'.


Step 3: You will land on the first section Access rights, you can now start checking the schedule and navigate on the menu on the left hand side by selecting the different categories.

The sections in green are completed and the sections in red still need to be completed by the OC or require your attention.

The Access rights section is always in orange, as it can be edited at any time and is not related to the submission or validation of a schedule.

To learn more about the “Access rights” section, click here.  


Step 4: You can always see in which section you are with the little arrow on the left hand side on the menu and the title at the top of the page. Modifications made on some sections will need to be validated by the FEI.


Step 5: If you see a number in one of the sections in the menu on the left hand side, it means that there are some comments from the OC that need to be rejected, commented or accepted by you. The comments can be seen on the right hand side.

Click here to know more about how to accept, reject, acknowledge or make a comment.


Please note: The information you have entered/modified is automatically saved.

To see how to submit your schedule to the FEI for approval, click here.

To see how to send your schedule back to your Organising Committee for further modifications or information, please click here.




2021-04-07 13:15
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