How to add an Athlete to the FEI Database

If you need to register an Athlete to compete in a FEI event, the Athlete must first have a FEI ID number on the FEI Database.


Step 1: You must go to and log in with your FEI ID number and password


Step 2: You must then go to the PERSON tab and click on ADD PERSON


Step 3: You must enter all the necessary information about the Athlete you are wishing to enter on the FEI Database

You must:

  • tick the ATHLETE box
  • choose the gender
  • enter the First name and Family name
  • enter the email address
  • enter the date of birth
  • enter the NATIONALITY of the Athlete

Please note: It is the National Federation’s responsibility to verify the nationality of the Athlete to make sure the information you enter on the FEI Database is correct.


Step 4: You then click on Add – the system will check that this person does not already exist on the FEI Database and will inform you if they find any similar matches.

 Please note: if the Person already exists on the FEI Database you will be notified, please make sure to check these pop-up messages to not create the person multiple times in the FEI Database.


You are then directed to the second stage where you can fill out extra information and also register the Athlete for the year in question.


Step 5: To register the Athlete, you must tick the relevant discipline for which you want to register your Athlete.

Annual registration is invoiced to your National Federation at 10.- CHF per year for all Athletes 18 yrs and older.


Step 6:  You will have then successfully created your Athlete on the FEI Database and they now have a unique FEI ID number.

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