How to create an Owner as a Person on the FEI Database

Owners are now managed as Persons on the FEI Database, they each have their own FEI ID profile and a list of the horses they own will be displayed on their FEI ID page.


If you want to first create the Owner's FEI ID profile before updating an Ownership you can do this by using the function ADD PERSON.


Step 1: Login to the FEI Database ( with your FEI ID number and password.


Step 2: Go to the Persons tab and click on Add Person:



Step 3: Enter the relevant information regarding the Owner and tick the Owner box to associate this person to this group:

Please make sure the nationality of the Owner is correct.

Please note: if the Owner holds multiple nationalities, you can select more than one.


Step 4: Before the profile is finally created you are able to add other information regarding this Owner if you wish, e.g. the phone numbers or date of birth, then you Save the profile:


Step 5: The profile is now created on the FEI Database and the person has their own FEI ID number.

You can now enter an address for this Owner which can be used as the Ownership address when assigned as an Owner of a Horse:


The profile is then created and can be used as an Owner for any Horse on the FEI Database. The Owner profile can be edited at any time and other groups can be added to this profile if this person becomes an Athlete or Official etc.





2017-09-01 15:45 Victoria
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