How to create a new Ownership with a new person

You need to create a new Ownership for a horse but the person does not have a FEI ID number?

The person is only an Owner? You can create this Owner directly on the horse' profile page when creating the new Ownership.


Step 1: You access the Horse's FEI ID page and you scroll down to the Ownerships section.

You can click on New Ownership and the CREATE NEW OWNERSHIP window will open.


Step 2: You enter the Since date - this is the date since which this Owner has owned the horse.

You select the tab Create new person or corporation to add an Owner that does not yet exist on the FEI Database.


Step 3: You enter the full details for the new Owner and then click OK.


Step 4: The new Owner is added to the Ownership, a FEI ID is created for the new Owner and the nationality is automatically selected.

There is the possibility of entering the Ownership Percentage if you wish, this is optional and is available for National Federations who wish to use this function.

Clicking OK will then confirm this Ownership and add it to the Horse's FEI ID profile page.


The Ownership is then added to the horse' profile.



Step 5: If the horse has a FEI document, you must download the printable stickers for the action you just made and upload the necessary scans to the FEI Database.

2017-09-04 09:46 Victoria
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