How to upload or change my portrait photo on FEI Biographies

You are going to take part in a major Event and you want to upload a portrait photo?

Your National Federation has informed you that the FEI requires a portrait photo of you?


Step 1: Go to: and click on the Sign in button located in the top right corner.

 Here you will need to sign in with your FEI ID number and password. Once signed in you will arrive on the FEI Biographies Home Page.

Step 2: You must search for yourself to be able to edit your biography. There are two tabs to search under, By Athlete (default page) and By Country.

Under the By Athlete tab you can search by Athlete Name or FEI ID and you can filter by Discipline and Country.


 Step 3: You click on your name and this will open the your biography page.

If you are correctly logged in with the correct accees, the Edit button will appear in the top right corner.


Step 4: You can change or upload a photo of yourself by clicking on the photo box on the left hand side.

A pop-up will open where you can browse for a photo or drop an image in the relevant box.

Step 5: Once you have added the photo to the pop-up window, you click on Apply to save this to your biography page.


You need to change some text on your biography?

Click here to see "How to modify my FEI Biography page".



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