How to add a registered trainer on the FEI Entry System

You are making an Endurance entry and need to add a trainer?

All registered Endurance horses must have a registered trainer to participate in FEI Endurance events.


Step 1:  Go to and login with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: Start to make your entries by adding the athletes and horses accordingly.

Click here to see How to make an entry for an international event.


Step 3: If the horse you have entered does not already have a registered trainer, the draft entry will appear in red.

You can specify the trainer of the horse by clicking on Trainer: Click here to specify



Step 4: You can either select the athlete entered with the horse (1) by clicking on Use athlete as trainer, or search for a FEI Person by entering their FEI ID number of name (2).


Step 5: If the trainer you have selected is not yet regsitered for the year in question, you can register this person by clicking on Renew reg.

Please note: trainer registrations are also invoiced, if the trainer is also a registered athlete you are only invoiced once.

Once a trainer has been selected, click on Save to finalise the procedure and add the trainer to the horse.


Please note: You cannot submit your entries if the horse does not have a registered trainer.

Please make sure that the trainer information is correct and up to date when making entries.


2019-02-18 10:00
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