How to make an entry on borrowed horses in the FEI Entry System

You need to make an entry for a borrowed horse event?


Step 1: Go to and login with your FEI credentials.

Step 2: Search for the event in which you wish to make some entries and click on Entries to enter the event


Step 3: Select the athlete you wish to add enter by clicking on Add in the list of Athletes.

You can search for the athlete by name or FEI ID number, the list will show only the registered athletes by default, you can use the relevant filters to find your athletes.

Click here to see How to make an entry for an international event.


Step 4: You move to the Horses tab and this is where you will have the possibility to mark that the athlete will ride a borrowed horse.

Instead of selecting a specific horse, you will click on Will ride borrowed horses, this will add a "horse" to the athlete.



Step 5: The Organising Committee will be able to assign the horses to the athletes once the draw has been done.



2019-02-18 09:36
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