How to make entries for a Championship on the FEI Entry System

You need to enter your Athlete for an upcoming Championship?

You need to submit your nominated entries prior to the deadline and later submit your definite entries?


Please note that entries for Championships are different to standard international Events. 


Step 1: You need to login to the FEI Entry System ( with your FEI ID number and password.


Step 2: Search for the Event in which you wish to make an entry. You can search by Venue Name or by using the filters available.

Once you have found the Event you are looking for you click on NF Entries.


Step 3: You will see an information box at the top which contains important dates that you need to pay attention to.

  • Nominated Entries: this is the date by which you must submit your nominated list. This is the long list of Athletes and Horses that might participate in this Event.
  • Definite Entries: this is the date by which you must submit your definite entries. This is the final selection of Athletes and Horses that will participate in this Event.

Please note: you can only submit each list once - this is different to normal entries where you can carry on submitting combinations after the deadline.


Step 4: On the left hand side of your screen you search for the Athlete that you wish to enter in this Event. You can search by Name or FEI ID number. You then click Add.

The Athlete will move from the left hand side to the right hand side of the screen.


Step 5: You must then add the Horse to the entry - you must change tab to the Horses tab and you can then search by name or FEI ID number. You then click Add.

Repeat this process of adding all Athletes and Horses that should be on your nominated list.

You can add comments or declare which combinations are part of the team already at this stage, or it can be done at the time of the definite entries.


Step 6: Once you have added all combinations on your draft nominated list and you are sure you do not need to add anybody else, you can submit your nominated lis by clicking on Add Entries to Nominated List.

Please note:

  • We suggest that the validation of your Nominated List is done close to the deadline in case you need to add any further combinations - do not submit your Nominated List weeks before the deadline.
  • Once a nominated list has been submitted and the nominated entries deadline has passed, no further Athletes or Horses can be added to your nominated entries (this is different for Jumping)
  • Please make sure that you submit all your nominated combinations at the same time
  • If you validate your Nominated List too early prior to the deadline and need to add further Athletes or Horses, please contact:
  • After the Nominated Entries deadline, NO changes can be made


Step 7: Once you have validated your Nominated List you must download the Certificate of Capability, sign it and send it to the FEI as marked on the document. To download the certificate, click on Certificate of Capability at the bottom of your Nominated List and the document will open accordingly.

This must be sent to the FEI by the deadline for Nominated Entries.


Step 8: When it is time to submit your definite entries, you will need to select the combinations that you will Make Definite. When you select a combination as a definite entry, their line will turn orange on the left hand side.

You can use the button Remove if you added someone as definite and you should not have - this will put the combination back into nominated status.

When you have selected the relevant combinations, click on Add Entries to Definite List.

Please note:

  • You can change the labels for your Team members at any time
  • Only make definite the number of combinations you are allowed on your Definite List as per the Approved Schedule of the Event
  • We suggest that you validate your definite entries list just before the deadline, please do not do it to early
  • If you validate your Definite List too early, prior to the deadline and need to adjust your entries, please contact:
  • Please make sure you have checked the combinations are correct before validating your list
  • After the definite entries deadline, NO changes can be made


Step 9: Once you have validated your definite list, you will see your final selection of Athletes and Horses.

You can use the menu tabs to see the entries that remain on your Nominated List.


Please note:

  • If you need to make a substitution or change, you must use the substitution feature and not withdraw the combination and add a new one.
  • Click here to see How to make a substitution in the FEI Entry System.
  • Substitutions in Championships can only be made from the nominated list, the FEI Entry System will propose the list of Athletes and Horses you are allowed to use for a substitution.
  • Please also refer to the specific discipline regulations in regards to substitutions.



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