How to consult my profile on the FEI Database

You want to have a look at your profile ?

You want to consult your results ?


Go to


Click on "Person" and "Search"




You can search by Family Name, First Name, FEI ID:







or by group of people:



 or by National Federation:



After clicking on "search", select the person you are looking for by clicking on his name:




You are then in the athlete's performance page. You will find all performances related information, as:

Rankings/Standings, Ridden horses, All results, Major results (games, championships,..)




You can click on the competition rule (for example Table A) and you will have the competition ranking.

You can also click on the FEI ID or name of the horse and you will find the horse profile/performances in the FEI Database.


If you click on "View Athlete Details" you will find some personnal information:

FEI ID number, Gender, First name, Family name, Date of birth, Nationality, FEI registrations, etc.



To go back to the performance page, click on "View Athlete Performances".


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