How to enter Horse temperatures on the FEI HorseApp

You have a FEI Horse and need to enter your Horse's temperatures?

You need to record the temperature of your Horse for the three days prior to your arrival at a FEI Event?


Step 1: You must be associated with your Horse and your Horse be listed on your My Horses list before you can enter the temperatures on the FEI HorseApp. Click here to see how to manage My Horses on the FEI HorseApp.


Step 2: To see how to enter Horse temperatures on the FEI HorseApp, you can use the step-by-step guidelines below or watch the following video:

To note: click on 'Watch on YouTube' to open the video in full screen.


Step-by-step process to enter Horse temperatures on the FEI HorseApp:


Step 1: Log in to the FEI HorseApp with your FEI ID number and password.

Click here to see how to log in to the FEI HorseApp.


Step 2: Navigate to the My Horses section to find the horse for which you need to fill in the daily temperatures.


Step 3: Open the Horse Health menu and click on Temperature - you will land on the Calendar view of your temperature recordings for this specific Horse.


Make sure you are in the correct time zone and set the temperature to what suits you best.

To edit or enter a temperature click on the pencil logo.


Step 4: Enter the AM/PM temperature for your Horse on the correct day by using the "+/-" symbols.

Enter the time at which the temperature was taken and click on Submit.


It is possible to UPDATE the morning temperature when you are submitting the PM temperature, if a mistake was made.


Step 5: An overview of all temperatures entered can be seen on the main list.

Please note: it is only possible to enter Horse temperatures maximum three days in the past and not in the future.

The calendar view shows two green lines if the two required temperatures have been entered.

High temperatures are highlighted in red and grey represents missing temperatures.


This information is provided to the FEI Veterinarians performing the Examination at Arrival at FEI Events.

They will be able to view the three days of temperature recordings and the Horse Health Self-Certification Form.



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