How to add/change an Owner for a FEI registered horse

If the ownership of a horse changes, this needs to be updated on the FEI Database.

If this horse also has a FEI document, a new sticker needs to be stuck and stamped in the FEI document.


You must find the horse in question on the FEI Database either by FEI ID number or name and open the Horse Detail page.


Step 1: You click on New Ownership and the CREATE NEW OWNERSHIP window will open.


  • Are you creating an Ownership with someone who already exists on the FEI Database?

Click here to see "How to create a new Ownership with an existing person"


  • Are you creating an Ownership with a new person, someone who does not already have a FEI ID number?

Click here to see "How to create a new Ownership with a new person"


  • Are you creating a multi-owner Ownership?

Click here to see "How to create a multi-owner Ownership"


Step 2: If the horse has a FEI document, you will then need to click on Download the printable stickers and select Owner change.


This pop up will open:

This sticker needs to be stamped and signed on page 2 of the FEI Recognition Card or page 10 of the FEI Passport.


Step 3: A scan of the owner page with the new sticker needs to be done and uploaded onto the FEI Database before the horse can be entered for a FEI Event

The system generates a line in the Documents section and requires a scan of the relevant page to be uploaded.

It is possible to upload a Full Document or only the necessary Owner Page.

If the document uploaded is not correct, the FEI will reject the uploaded document and you will be informed accordingly by email and asked to upload a new scan.

The horse will not be able to be entered until a new document has been provided.

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