How to find my FEI ID number?

You need to log in to one of the FEI IT platforms and can't remember your FEI ID number?

Or perhaps you do not know your FEI ID number?


You can search on our public FEI Database to find the information you require.


Step 1: Go to


Step 2:  Click on Person in the top menu bar


Step 3:  Search for yourself on the FEI Database by using the different options and filters (keep the search quite basic):

  • fill in your Family Name
  • or fill in a few letters of your Family Name and your First Name

Then click on Search.


Step 4: A list of options will appear, if your name does not appear, try searching again with less criteria.

You will be able to see your 8 digit FEI ID number on the left hand side.


Step 5: It is also possible to click on your name to open your PERSON DETAIL page.

Here you can also see your FEI ID number as well as other information about yourself.


If any information needs to be updated on your PERSON DETAIL page, please contact your National Federation.

All National Federation contact details can be found here.



2021-12-10 11:34
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