What are the main concepts and timelines of the FEI Online Invitation System

The FEI Online Invitation System will manage the CSI Invitation Rules through an online platform.

This platform will guarantee the correct application of the rules and will provide opportunity to Athletes to compete in different Events throughout the world.

Please refer to Annex V of the FEI Jumping Rules, which explains the quotas, concepts and rules that must be followed.



    1. Athletes choose to which Events they would like to receive an invitation

    2. National Federations confirm the choices of their Athletes

    • They must confirm each Athlete that has made a choice
    • They can edit, add, change or delete the choices of the Athletes
    • They can add choices for an Athlete if the Athlete has not made any choices
    • They can add and/or edit Horses or Horse slots on behalf of the Athlete
    • They can do this on the computer (https://invitation.fei.org)

    3. Invitations are allocated all at the same time

    • In accordance with the Athlete's position in the Longines Rankings
    • In accordance with the Athlete's Event choices and prioritisation
    • In accordance with the quotas and availabilities at Events



   1. Athlete Selection Period

   2. National Federation Confirmation week

    • Each week, NFs will need to confirm the choices of their Athletes for a given week
    • This is 4 weeks prior to the week of the event
    • NFs can change, add or remove choices of their Athletes
    • NFs can do this on the computer (https://invitation.fei.org)

   3. Allocation of Invitations

    • Invitations are distributed all at the same time
    • This will happen on the Monday night at 23:59 UTC, 3 weeks prior to the week of the event
    • Invitations will automatically become accepted entries
    • Organising Committees can see the Invitations/Entries in the FEI Entry System at this time


Click here to dowload a PDF summary of the Workflow and Timelines detailed above.



1. The addition of Horses when choosing Events

    • Horses can be added to each Event that you add to your list of choices, you can search by using their name or FEI ID number
    • If you do not know which Horse you will bring, you can add a Horse "slot", this is a space for a Horse, which then needs to be filled at a later date
    • The system will inform you how many Horses you can enter per Event and will not allow you to enter more than the quota of the Event
    • You can change your Horses at any time during your Athlete Selection Period, after this, only your NF can change your Horses (for the time being).

2. Other Events at the same Show

    • Many Events that will use the FEI Online Invitation System have lower level Events that happen at the same time
    • If the OC decides that Athletes can enter multiple Events at the same Show, you will be able to indicate this when adding the CSI5*, 4*, 3* or 2* Event to your list of choices
    • This will create an entry for this extra Event (e.g. CSIYH) which the Organising Committee can accept or decline accordingly
    • This assists your National Federation in knowing your intentions for this Show



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