How to add a Horse to my wish list

You are making your wish list for a specific week and you want to add horses? 

You don't know which horse you are going to participate with but you want to book a horse slot ?


Step 1: Go to and login with your FEI ID number and password.


Step 2 : Locate the Event you want to add the Horse for and click "Edit wish" :


Step 3 : In order to add a specific Horse, start typing the name or FEI ID of the Horse, choose it from the drop down list and then click Add horse and save your changes.


If you do not know the Horse you will be competing with, you can add an empty horse slot, by clicking on Add horse slot.


You also have the possibility to enter Horses for another Event at the same Show where applicable: 


Once your changes have been saved, you can see which Horses you have entered on your wish list:



2020-01-05 12:06
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