How to consult the FEI Entry System as official

You have been assigned as a Technical Delegate to the CEI1* 80 and the CEI2* 120 in Ruse, BUL.?

You have received an email to inform you that you have been assigned to this event and that the FEI EntrySystem is now open for Entries?



Go to

Use your FEI ID number and password that you have created

You will arrive on the home page:



Here you can see that you are logged in as “you.”

Here you can see the two Events that you are assigned to at the moment.

If you were assigned to many events, you can use the search engine available.

Click on “OC Entries” beside the Event you want to look at, you will arrive on the event page:



- On the left upper corner you have information about the event.

  • Location, Date, links to the event on the FEI Database

- In the middle you have the deadline times and dates

  • The most important date for an Official is the “Closing Time.
  • After this date no changes can be made on the FEI Entry System, and it is then up to the Officials on the ground if they want to accept any changes.

- In the left lower corner, you have a list of ALL horses that can be substituted (you can ignore this section, this is for Organising Committee Members only)

- On the right you have the list of entries

  • You can see that DAVOR LIPOVAC has been accepted by the OC to compete with the horse HAVAS and is therefore in green.
  • You can see that there is an entry for ANGEL ANGELOV with the horse MORFEY but it is still in yellow (Definite) – this means the OC still has not accepted this entry

- The “Logs” button shows you who made the entries, what date and time as well as who accepted the entries, if ever there is a question over his information.


As an Official the three buttons underneath the entries are the most important, these are lists that you can download, which contain a lot of information that can be useful on the ground.



Horses to Check” produces a list of horses that might not yet have a valid FEI document. This list might be useful to know which horses to check in particular on the day of the Vet Inspection – it might be that the FEI document is issued between the time you check and the time of the inspection, or that the horse does not need a document as it is competing in its country of residence at a lower level event.

Horse Details” produces a list of the accepted horse’ details that might be useful at the event.


Download Entries” produces an Excel document of all combinations, where you can find all information regarding Horse and Rider that you might need.
You can use this list at the Vet Inspection to make sure the right combinations are presented and if there are any changes to what is on this list, the President of the Ground Jury and Technical Delegate have to be aware of these changes.



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