How to fill in the FEI online Person Injury Report


Reporting person injuries is moving from the traditional reports to the FEI online reporting system, with enhanced usability and reporting capabilities.

Online reporting makes it possible for the FEI systems to automatically alert National Federations when one of their athletes is seriously injured at an FEI event. As a result, National Federations will be able to check the athlete’s fitness to compete before entering him or her in another event. In doing so, National Federations can help prevent subsequent accidents and injuries, especially in the case of concussed athletes.

This new report concerns FEI Officials assigned to FEI Events as Foreign Judge or Technical Delegate for Jumping, Dressage, Para-Dressage, Endurance, Driving, Vaulting and Reining. The system will be extended to Eventing in the next few months.


Important notes

- You will have to continue to submit your complete event reports as you usually do ; please only use the online system to report person injuries.

 - Kindly note that hard or electronic copies of the person injury report (sent by post, e-mail or fax) will no longer be accepted by the FEI for events taking place after 31 July 2018.

- You will need to fill in one (1) section of the report per injured person (NB: you will see that in addition to athletes the online form also covers FEI Officials; please make sure to report any injury sustained by these as well. We will look to extend this report to other categories of personss in the future).
- You should record all injuries sustained by athletes and FEI Officials during the time of your assignment at the event. Injuries occurring outside competition time (i.e. during training) must therefore be recorded as well. The online form will allow you to indicate at what time the injury occurred.
- If you have no person injury to report, please open the person injury report online amd indicate that no injuries occurred. This is an important step, as if this information is not recorded, the FEI will have to follow up with you in order to be certain that there was no injury at the event.


How it works, in detail:

1. The first steps have to be done while connected to the Internet.

2. Please use Edge, Chrome or Firefox to browse to the FEI Forms platform that can be found here:

3. Identify yourself by logging in with your FEI ID and password.

4. Enter into the PERSON INJURY REPORT section

5. Click on LOAD A FORM button

6. Select venue name of your next event and click DOWNLOAD. This will reload the previous page on your screen.


To open the form anytime, just open your browser and navigate to , then click the FORM LIST button top left.

Select the relevant report by clicking ACTION and OPEN FORM.

You can add as many person injuries to the same online form, just click "Add a person injury" at the bottom of the form.

Once finished, please don’t forget to click VALIDATE SECTION & SAVE FORM. 


When you are ready to submit, connect to the Internet, reload, log in, open your form and click on SUBMIT REPORT.

Feel free to email us if you need guidance or further assistance using this form, or if you are encountering problems of an IT nature:

For general enquiries regarding the online person injury reports, please contact Catherine Bollon:
Thank you for your invaluable help in making our sport safer.


2019-04-08 11:50 Jerome Begey
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