How to navigate on the FEI Online Schedule Platform

You are the Organising Committee of a FEI Event ?

You have been notified by the FEI that the schedule for your Event is open and you want to start filling it in?


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: You will land on your Dashboard and see your assigned schedules for your Events.

Click on Details to start filling out the schedule.

Status: this shows who the schedule is currently with and who can edit the schedule; OC, NF or FEI.

The version is at 0.1 as it has not been submitted to your National Federation, the version numbers will change as the schedule goes back and fowards between you and your NF. Once the schedule is published for the first time it will become 'version 1'.


Step 3: You will land on the first section Access rights, you can now start to complete the schedule and navigate on the menu on the left hand side by selecting the different categories.

The sections in green are completed, the sections in blue and white need to be completed or are in progress.


Step 4: Under some categories, e.g. General conditions, you will need to read and acknowledge the conditions.


You simply have to click on Acknowledge and the section will then become green as it is now completed. You can click on the little arrow on the right hand side to open the conditions page again.


Step 5: You can always see in which section you are with the little arrow on the left hand side on the menu and the title at the top of the page. Some information is automatically filled in as it comes directly from the FEI Database. The information with the * is required and must be completed for the section and/or sub-section to become green.


Step 6: The sections in grey require information to be completed. To add a person to a function, click on Please select.

You can also choose to add a new member by clicking on Add member on the right and choosing the function you would like to add to the list of Officials.


When you click on Please select, a pop-up window will open. Select the correct person by entering the name or FEI ID of the member, complete the required information if needed and click on Save.


Once you have filled in the sub-section with the required information, the entire section will then become green. You can continue completing your schedule by navigating through the menu.

Please note: even if you have not filled in the entire section, you can still go to another one and come back later. The information you have entered is automatically saved.


To see how to submit your schedule, click here.


2022-10-25 13:36
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