How to add a competition in a Jumping Event on the FEI Online Schedule

You are the Organising Committee of a FEI Event and want to add a competition to the timetable on the schedule you are filling in for a Jumping Show?


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: On your Dashboard click on Details to open the schedule of your Event.


Step 3: Select the Timetable section on the left hand side, scroll down until the sub-section of the Events. Click on Add competition... and select the relevant Event for which you would like to add a competition. You can also first click on the Event code and then click on the same button Add competition...


Step 4: A pop-up window will open with the list of all competition articles as stated in the FEI Jumping Rules. You can use the filters to help you find out the correct Article of the FEI Jumping Rules under which your competition will be run and click on Select.


Step 5: Fill in the fields to add the competition to your timetable. The fields with a * are required. Once all the required fields are completed, click on Save changes.


Step 6: On All, you will see all the competitions added for all Events highlighted in different colors for each Event. If you click on the Event code, you will see the competitions added for the relevant Event only. If you want to edit a competition already added, you can click on the edit toggle button.

If you click on Competition Arena on the right hand side, you will see the competitions taking place in the relevant Arena.


To see how to submit your schedule, click here.


2022-10-27 16:24
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