How to add a meeting to the timetable on the FEI Online Schedule for Eventing

You are the Organising Committee of a FEI Eventing Event and want to add a meeting to the timetable on the schedule you are filling in? You want to add a breifing or an event within your timetable?


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Online Schedule Platform ( with your FEI credentials.


Step 2: On your Dashboard click on Details to open the schedule of your Event.


Step 3: Select the Timetable section on the left hand side, scroll down until the sub-section Timetable and then click on Add meeting...


Step 4: A pop-up window will open, you can write the Meeting name and select if the meeting is scheduled at a specific time and date or after another meeting or event. Once you have filled in the required information, click on Save changes.


Step 5: The meeting has been added to the Timetable. When you submit your schedule to your National Federation, they will be informed of the addition/modification you have made.


To see how to submit your schedule, click here.


2022-10-26 15:12
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