How to navigate on the FEI SportManager App

You are an Organising Committee member with access to an event?

You want to consult or manage your entries on the FEI SportManager App?


Here is a basic overview of how to navigate on the FEI SportManager App:


Step 1: Login with your FEI credentials, if you don't have an account or don't have access to your event, please contact


Step 2: You will land on your Dashboard which gives you an oversight of your given event.

If you are an OC of multiple events at the same time, you can change the event in the dropdown bar at the top:


Step 3: To enter the entries of your selected event, click on Manage entries.


Step 4: You will then be able to naviagate between an overview of your Show Info and your Show Entries by switching between the two pages.

The Show Info page includes the possibility to download various lists and documents as well to contact the FEI or the relevant National Federations.

Click here to see How to download lists and documents on the FEI SportManager App.


Step 5: Clicking on Show Entries will display all the entries for your show.

You can filter on the different Event levels if applicable.


Step 6: You can navigate back to your Dashboard at anytime by using the menu button at the bottom.

Please note: the sections Invitations and Waiting List are not in use at the moment and will just take you back to your list of entries.


Entries: this displays a list of Shows at which you are Organising Committee and have access to the entries.


Events: Displays a list of all FEI Jumping Events as well as a list of your Upcoming events


Click here for further guidelines on how to use the FEI SportManager App.

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