How to download the FEI Invitation System choices made by Athletes from the FEI Entry System

You would like to know which Athletes have added your Event to their Wish list?

You would like to have an idea of how many Athletes have already chosen your Event prior to the allocation of invitations?


Please note: Athlete choices can change at any time prior to the the allocation of invitations. This list does not reflect which Athletes will definately receive an invitation to your Event.


Step 1: Connect to the FEI Entry System with your FEI credentials and navigate to your Show entry page.


Step 2: When on your Show page, you have the possibility to download different lists in relation to your entries.

To download the list of choices made by Athletes, click on the Download button to display the options and select IS athlete choices:

You can click here to see how to download other various lists from the FEI Entry System.


Please note: the list of Athlete choices is only available to download from the start of the NF confimation week (4 weeks prior to the week of the Event) until the allocation of invitations for the Event.

Click here for more information regarding the FEI Online Invitation System and the relevant timelines.


Step 3: A pop-up window will open and you will need to click on Download.

A CSV file will download with the relevant information.


Step 4: You will need to click on Close in order to get back to the Show page once the download has finished.

The CSV file contains basic information regarding which Athlete has added your Event to their wish list as well as some specific details:

  • Choice Priority: this represents in which position they have added your Event on their wish list, this will be taken into consideration at the time when the invitations are allocated
  • Wish List Status: all Athlete wish lists must be validated by their relevant National Federation, this column represents if this has been done or not


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