How to fill in the FEI online Vet Report

 In order to facilitate better data recording at events and make reporting more efficient and simpler for all, the Veterinary Dept is glad to introduce you to the new era of Electronic Reporting with the FEI Online Vet Report Form.


How it works!


The new FEI Forms interface found at will allow you to access, manage and submit all your reports and results from a centralised online location. All forms are optimised for both online and offline consultation and use – hence once the form is downloaded online you are welcome to fill them whilst travelling, in the field or from the comfort of your home or office, with as many pauses in the time as you need to complete it as you wish.


The Electronic Form is then submitted the next time that you have access to an internet connection, and we remind you that the Veterinary Regulations require that your Report is submitted within 72 hours of the event ending, and fatality or catastrophic injuries reports, within 12 hours. The sections on fatalities and injuries are designed to be submitted separately from the entire report if that is required.


The form for the event you have been confirmed in the relevant schedule as the Veterinary Delegate will already have been generated onto the system. If the schedule has not been published yet, then the form will not be generated.

Here is a summary of the actions required.


1.       The first steps have to be done while connected to the Internet.

2.       Please browse in the above version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to the FEI Forms platform that can be found here:

3.       Identify yourself by logging in  with your FEI ID and Password the same way you do for your profile.

4.       Enter into the  VETERINARY REPORT section

5.       Click on LOAD FORM button

6.       Select venue name of your next event  and click DOWNLOADThis will reload the previous page on your screen if you go back. From now on, you can work online or offline.


To open the form offline anytime, just open your browser and navigate to , then click the FORM LIST button top left.

Select the relevant report by clicking ACTION and OPEN FORM.

Once finished filling out any section please don’t forget to click VALIDATE SECTION & SAVE FORM. You will notice that as you complete each section the colour changes to show you it is completed. Note that many fields must be completed using the drop down menu options.


If you were working offline and are ready to submit, connect to the Internet, reload , log in, open your form and click on SUBMIT.

Feel free to email us if you need guidance or further assistance using this form, or if you are encountering problems of an IT nature:





2018-07-02 07:41 Marion Régin
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