How to connect an OMNI MAX Datamars microchip scanner to the FEI HorseApp

You have a OMNI MAX Datamars microchip scanner?

You will use the FEI HorseApp at your next Event to perform the Examination on Arrival?


Below you will find the step-by-step procedure to connect your scanner to the FEI HorseApp.


Step 1: Turn on the scanner, and on the menu buttons, press the right button to bring the menu up.


Step 2: Scroll right, using the wheel, to Advanced Settings. Press the center button.


Step 3: Scroll and select, by pressing the center button, the Bluetooth option.


Step 4: Press the round button (center button) to switch the Bluetooth on.

For Android mobile phones, make sure the mode is set to SPP (Serial Port Profile). 


For iOS mobile phones, make sure to have the apple symbol selected and not the SPP as per the picture above to correctly connect your iOS mobile with the OMNI MAX Datamars scanner.


Step 5: Press the right button to save the configuration.


Step 6: On your mobile device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth and make sure the Bluetooth is ON on your device and press Scan

       iOS devices (iPhones & iPads):                                                  Android devices: