How to confirm my Athlete's wish list on the FEI Online Invitation System

Your Athlete has made their choices for a given week?

You need to confirm their choices before the invitations are allocated?


Step 1: Go to and login with your FEI ID number and password.


Step 2: In the top menu bar, click on Invitation System.


Step 3: Select the week for which you need to confirm your Athlete's choices.


Step 4: Scroll down to the Athlete you wish to confirm. You will see their chosen Events and their order of preference. The list of Athletes is ordered by their Ranking number postition.

If you agree with their wish list, you must click on the check button on the left hand side.


Once confirmed, the check button color changes to green, no further action is required form your side for this Athlete.


Step 5: It is possible to navigate through your list of Athletes by using the Filters option on the right of the screen. To see only Athletes that you need to confirm you can filter on Action required.


Please note: You must confirm each Athlete individually prior to the end of the National Federation confirmation week.

Any Athlete not confirmed by their National Federation, will not be considered during the allocation of invitations.



2020-07-02 15:45
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