What are the general concepts of OC invitations?

The OC Invitations feature has been designed to assist the management of invitations sent by the Organising Committee.


The Concept:

  • Organising Committees can send invitations to FEI Athletes via the FEI Entry System for their Event
  • Athletes and National Federations can accept or decline the invitation
  • It is optional for Organising Committees to use this feature, it is made available if OCs wish to manage their invitations on one centralised platform
  • National Federations can continue making entries directly in the FEI Entry System for Organising Committees to accept or reject in their OC quota


How it works:

  • OCs can use the FEI Entry System to send an invitation to any Athlete they wish to invite to their Event
  • It is possible to send OC invitations to all CSI Events, not only Invitation System Events
  • Athletes can choose to accept or decline the invitation from the OC
  • The National Federation confirms the choice of their Athlete
  • The invitation is made into an accepted entry in the OC quota on the FEI Entry System


Main Features:

  • Invitations from Organising Committees are managed on one centralised platform
  • Less emails, phone calls and follow-up from OCs, Athletes and NFs
  • Athletes are notified by email and mobile notification of a pending invitation
  • Possible to specify the number of Horses with which an Athlete is invited
  • Integrated into the quota management of the entire Show


Important Points:

  • While an OC invitation is pending acceptation, the 'place' is blocked in the OC quota
  • Organising Committees can cancel pending invitations if they are not being accepted
  • Invitations can be sent, accepted or cancelled up until the start date of the Event
  • Athletes cannot receive a Ranking quota place via the FEI Invitation System for another Event of the same week if they have accepted an OC invitation
  • If an Athlete accepts an OC invitation and is entitiled to a place in the Ranking quota due to their position in the Longines Rankings - at the time invitations are allocated, the Athlete will move to the Ranking quota and the OC will get a space back in their OC quota


For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact: invitations@fei.org 


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