Howto Glossary

A person appointed by the FEI or by an Organising Committee and/or NF to perform a specifically defined officiating duty at an FEI Event.
Organiser or Organising Committee (OC )
Any organisation, group, society, body, or person which is recognised by the applicable NF and held to be responsible for the management of any Event.
Person or entity having a property interest in whole or in part of one or more horses.
a formal record of facts, incidents, Decisions, Protests, Warnings, penalties, and/or any other relevant matters arising during or in connection with an Event.
Two or more consecutive circuits of the same, or a similar, course as part of a single Competition.
An official form approved by the FEI outlining the relevant information of an Event, including but not limited to the dates and location of the Event, the dates by which entries must be received, the Disciplines in which Competitions will be held, the programme of Competitions, the categories, nationalities and other relevant details of invited Athletes and Horses, the stabling and accommodation available, the value of the prizes and their distribution, and any other relevant details.
This is a highest level in the Calendar structure of the FEI. A Show is associated to a Venue and has a start and end date.
A Venue is the location where the Show takes place (most of the time this is the name of the city)
Verbal and/or written reprimand advising a person or a body of potential future consequences which will occur if the admonishment is not followed.