How to change a microchip number for a horse on the FEI Database

If a horse acquires a new microchip because the previous one cannot be found or read, he information needs to be updated on both the FEI Database as well as in the FEI document.


If a microchip has been incorrectly entered on the FEI Database and in the FEI document, this needs to be corrected accordingly.


Step 1: The Microchip Changes document needs to be filled out by a Vet and sent to the FEI.

Forms can be sent to:


Step 2: The information will be changed on the FEI Database and a new sticker #1 containing the updated microchip number will be sent to you by email to be stuck and stamped on the FEI document.


The sticker #1 needs to be stuck and stamped by the National Federation.


Step 3: Once the sticker has been placed on the FEI document a new scan of page 1 (name page) will need to be uploaded to the FEI Database.

Once the necessary page/document has been uploaded, it will be possible to enter the horse in a FEI event.


For any questions regarding microchip changes, please contact:


2016-07-04 15:25 Victoria
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