How to reject an entry on the FEI SportManager App

You need to reject an entry on the FEI SportManager App?

Your event is too full or the combination were not invited?

Step 1: login using your FEI credentials and find the entry which you wish to reject.

From your Dashboard you can go to Manage entries and then Show Entries.


Step 2: By clicking on the horse' name you open up a page with different options.



Step 3: By clicking on Reject this entry, you are rejecting this one horse for this athlete. You will be asked to confirm your choice.



Step 4: All rejections require a comment to explain the reason for the rejection.

This can be chosen from the dropdown list or added in the Other section with a personalised message.



A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen after the rejection and you will be taken back to the Dashboard.



A key to what the colours and pictograms mean can be found at the bottom of the application.

2019-08-08 15:16
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